TEXTURED CONCRETE: The Benefits And Beauty of a Remarkable Surfacing Method

Textured concrete is a popular alternative to bring new life to your old and worn-out concrete surfaces. You have the liberty to do it without a professional’s assistance, such as Concrete Texturing Las Vegas. It is inexpensive, easy-to-do, and can bring out a lot of aesthetic qualities.

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The Basics: What Is Textured Concrete?

Textured concrete is a type of concrete resurfacing or refinishing that ranges from classic, retro and intricate. These decorative concrete practices have numerous functions and specialties. And you might want to do some research first to know which one is the best you can have for your property.

Here are some of the more popular picks for textured concrete to save you some trouble.


Stamped concrete could be one of the most sought-after choices for texturing concrete. The method can mimic various things that include flagstones, bricks, and even wooden materials. It is prime for structural stability and decorative charm as well.


Stenciling concrete is an ideal option if you wish to have design and pattern versatility. It is mostly for decoration purposes.

Exposed Aggregates

If you want to use recycled materials to make concrete surfaces stand out, exposed aggregates will be your best friend. Exposed aggregates are resurfacing means that require removing the concrete’s paste layer. Doing so will reveal the aggregates underneath. The best choices include basalts and other stone looks. And other exciting materials you can use are recycled stained and colored glass, mixed seashells, and other things.

Broom Finish

Broom finishes are not the fanciest in this list, but they make surfaces slip-resistant. You can use any broom, and it will affect how light or unrefined the finish will be. They work best for commercial and residential pool decks.

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The Benefits Of The Trade

Textured concrete can be one of the best things to happen to your lots and spaces. So you might want to consider incorporating them after you read through these advantages and benefits below.

  • Textured concrete highlights a near-endless array of patterns and designs. You can make a design fit your home’s location and theme, or go all-out with bizarre ones you can’t find anywhere else. 
  • Textured concrete can outperform other flooring system alternatives. It works superb both inside and outside a structure. The surfaces can withstand heavy foot traffic, weathering, and any form of damage.
  • Maintaining textured concrete is as easy as pie. You can finish the task with a broom, mop, wipe, or hose. There is no need to employ high-powered equipment.
  • The approach is environmentally-friendly. You only install a new layer on top of existing concrete. This aspect leads to less waste around your home and no need to replace the concrete whatsoever.

The Costs

How much you will spend depends on a lot of contributing factors. So it pays a lot to know what finish you want to install beforehand.

  • The type of textured concrete you want to install.
  • Stamps and stencils will mandate you to shell out a bit more cash.
  • The company you hire will also contribute to your expenses. The longer and larger the scale of the project, the more you will pay for it. 
  • Textured concrete is an affordable option, so you can save more when you do it yourself. You will have control over how much money you will use for materials and other necessary things.
The Takeaway

Textured concrete can be a rewarding DIY undertaking. But if you can’t shed some time on a project, there is always a local contracting company ready to lend a professional hand. Most firms offer discounts, and the results they deliver will transform your concrete into masterpieces.

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