Signs That You Need to do a Pool Deck Repair

Knowing when is the right time for a pool deck repair saves you more money as well as from more problems in the future. The costly repairs and maintenance convince you to use durable pool decking materials like stamped concrete, an amazing investment for long-lasting quality. Even concrete pool decking materials that can withstand heavy activities are prone to other factors calling for a necessary repair. Furthermore, experts highly advise conducting a pool deck resurfacing after 7-10 years, which is the average time that pool deck plasters can last.

Environment conditions and other external factors can add to the reasons why you will need a pool deck repair. The deteriorating quality of your pool deck is not your only concern. Hazardous elements that you may not notice at first also linger in your surrounding. That is why you need to consider a serious pool deck resurfacing. Here are common signs that will tell you that you need to do a pool deck repair. 

Molds, and Stubborn Algae Growth

People often go to their swimming pools to escape the heat, especially in places where the warm weather dominates, like in Las Vegas. It is seldom that you would find unused pools. Frequent pool activities, however, can also accumulate molds, and algae growth. On the other hand, if the backyard condition attracts moisture, it is also potential for multiplying molds.

A simple cleaning and water change is your go-to solution. But when periods of heavy rains come, algae and other tiny plant-like organisms tend to multiply. A growing sign of molds rings the alarm that it is time for a pool deck repair. The mold problem also leads to the next indication of why you will need pool resurfacing.

Stubborn Pool Stains

When conventional tiles are the initial materials you used for your pool deck, it is most likely that stains will build up through the years. The edges of the tiles are spots that are tough to see in your pool. It is where molds and algae quickly grow and eventually cause stubborn stains. The stains turn dark green, or worse, they became stubborn black, thick dirt. Dark stains on your pool concrete will cause you to rely on expensive cleaning products. Instead of saving, it makes you pay more because of frequent maintenance. You will need a deep cleaning process. A complete pool deck resurfacing will give you the exact result that will satisfy you.

Tripping Caused by Cracks

Cracks in the pool deck are serious issues. The wobbling piece of concrete poses hazards that you can not simply ignore. A misstep on a dent or hole due to cracks may cause injuries. For these reasons, a pool deck repair is what you need. Solving this problem will make you save your loved ones from further accidents.

Frequent Water Change

Changing your pool water frequently or filling it with new additional levels of water, is a sign that you need a pool resurfacing. Deteriorating pool plastering is the main cause of leaks. Don’t waste your water resources for trying to give a permanent fix to this problem. Have a thorough inspection of your pool and invest with an excellent pool deck repair.

Chalks” in the Pool

Chalking is a serious sign that you need a pool deck repair. Chalking happens when the concrete surface is collapsing, making the water cloudy.  Soils start to rise underneath the pool deck, and fragments of crumbling concrete are mixing into the pool water making the water look murky. When chalking persists, consider a pool deck repair.

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