Concrete Pool Deck Services Las Vegas: Resurfacing, Refinishing, Repair, Remodeling

Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas has over 40 years of experience in the concrete industry. Their team of concrete coatings specialists is the number one and trusted residential and commercial concrete contractor throughout Las Vegas. They are committed to providing the highest quality services at a very affordable price point. Their high ratings are viable proof that they offer excellent services to their customers and clients. 

If you are in Las Vegas, you have an idea about how unmanageable the city’s lengthy summers are. While the city has exceptional casinos and venues for entertainment as well as breath-taking spots like the Hoover Dam, some local attractions are more stunning than aesthetically-made pool deck on a hot summer day. 

Are you planning to improve the aesthetics of your pool area this 2020? You now have several decorative concrete options you can choose from.  

Commercial & Residential Pool Decking

commercial pool deck las vegas

Decorative design can be applied in residential and commercial pool deck properties. It is considered to be one of the most significant trends for outdoor spaces. Homeowners can customize the area based on their preferred texture, color, and finishing. Aside from that, it also provides other features such as durability, slip-resistant, and cooling finish for hot places. 

Decorative concrete for home and business properties has provided more opportunities in transforming outdoor areas into a more affordable, functional, and unique space that complements the architectural exterior of every property. Another good thing about today’s concrete for pool decks is that it replaces expensive traditional materials, including stone, wood, or slate. This option is Making it more convenient for homeowners to enhance the overall look of their pool deck area. 

If your residential or commercial properties are one of the top pool attractions throughout Las Vegas, it is vital to make sure that your pool deck is properly maintained. You have a choice to remodel, resurface, repair, or refinish your pool deck spaces; these are the most convenient way to enhance the look of your pool deck spaces. 

One of the most recommended coatings and overlays for pool deck is sprayed knockdown finish; this material is best for Las Vegas hot climate. The finish mimics the natural-looking designs, there are also an array of designs, colors, and styles you can choose from.  

Pool Deck Resurfacing

pool deck resurfacing las vegas

Las Vegas is known as its famous casinos, outstanding convention center, and extensive outdoor recreational options. But most local homeowners know that the best place in town is beside their backyard pools, having their own time of relaxation.  

Due to the harsh climate of Las Vegas, most pools with traditional materials get worn out easily; their finishes fade, cracks, or chip, especially if it’s used for many years. But since there is now a more conventional and affordable way to recreate your pool deck, this is not something to worry about. With pool deck resurfacing, you don’t have to experience the hassle of ripping your old concrete and replacing it with a new one. 

Your pool deck resurfacing options come with a variety of different overlay and coating options. If you want a quick installation overlay that provides several benefits such as smooth surface, non-slip finish, water-resistant and repels heat, you can choose Spray Knockdown Finish overlay. This type of coating is safe and provides pleasing aesthetics to your pool deck. The best thing about spray knockdown finish is that there is a wide range of textures, colors, and styles, letting you achieve your preferred decorative finish. It can either be stenciled or stamp, depending on what’s suitable for your pool deck area. 

Pool Deck Refinishing

Pool deck refinishing primary purpose is to prevent concrete deterioration from getting worse. Since the pool deck is exposed to water and harsh heat of Las Vegas can show some early signs of wearing out such as cracks or huge chips. If you are trying to regain your pool decks shine, you can have it resealed or refinished to make your favorite area more inviting and appealing. To guarantee a quality outcome, make sure that your contractor is using top-rated materials and sealants for you to enjoy your pool deck area for longer years. You can choose Spray Knockdown Finish which provides many benefits: 

  • Can be applied over your pool deck’s existing overlay
  • The coating is affordable and easily maintained
  • Choose from a wide range of colors and textures
  • Provides a smooth finish which is comfortable for walking
  • Non-slip surface
  • Textures are customizable 
  • Provides a unique and classy finish 

Pool Deck Remodeling

pool deck remodeling las vegas

For the past years, there were only limited options for pool deck remodeling, not only that the materials were also expensive. But these days there are more economical options when it comes to remodeling projects. Old and worn out pool decks lessen the beauty of your pool deck oasis making it uninviting for your guests. If your goal this year is to remodel your pool deck, a concrete coating specialist can help you achieve your preferred design and style with a very affordable price point and durability.  

If you are looking for a non-slip, affordable, and durable coating, you can choose Spray Knockdown Finish. It is a uniques acrylic finish that can be applied over any existing or new concrete design. 

Pool Deck Repair

If the structure of your pool deck is still quite in good condition, you can opt for a pool deck repair. Depending on the state of your concrete, the area can be enhanced by applying coatings or overlays. But before starting a pool deck repair project, it is essential to determine what causes the damage to figure out the appropriate repair procedure for the pool deck concrete. A concrete coating specialist can help with all the troubleshooting methods for your pool deck repairs. 

One of the significant causes of pool deck damages is constant exposure to harsh sun rays, which put concrete to extreme stresses. As a result, concrete would eventually crack, chip, or flake. The traditional concrete materials that are used for the pool deck cannot handle such extreme stresses. Fortunately, there are now concrete coatings that could help in repairing problematic pool deck areas of a home or commercial properties around Las Vegas. 

If you are looking for a repair material that is customizable you can choose spray-on acrylic coating. The advantages of this material include: 

  • It can be set with a variety of colors
  • It can be smoothed with any ordinary trowel
  • Offers a variety of designs and styles
  • It can mimic the original style of your pool deck 

Cool Decking

cool decking las vegas

On a scorching hot summer day in Las Vegas, one of the things to do is a dip yourself in the pool. But it would be a complete hassle to stay outdoors, especially if the concrete pool deck you walk on is too hot, you need to wear proper footwear to avoid burns. Pool decks should be a safe place for everyone because if floors are slippery and absorb too much heat, it can be a cause of accidents, Extreme weather changes can cause pool deck concrete to crack and can become extremely hot for the skin. One of the most viable solutions for this is cool decking; this helps in cooling off concretes. 

Cool decking is a top base that is being applied over a concrete base that is stronger. This type of material can be applied over a concrete structure while in the process of curing to significantly lower the temperature of the concrete’s topmost surface. Cool decking also comes with different patterns or colors you can certainly choose from. Aside from those features, the other benefits of this material include: 

  • Long-lasting 
  • Slip-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Low maintenance
  • Wear and tear-resistant

To know if the cool deck material is authentic, check if the product is trademarked, such as Kool Deck. If your pool deck concrete is cured with an authentic pool deck material, any water on the surface should be absorbed. But if the water slips, it is more likely a different type of product. To make sure a

If you are looking to enhance the overall look of your pool deck, you have various options to choose from. You can have it refinished, remodeled, resurfaced, or repaired. Ask our Concrete Resurfacing Las Vegas to learn more about the coatings, overlays, and surfaces that are suitable for our concrete pool deck. 

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