Spray knockdown texture pool deck

Pool Deck Resurfacing Options for Outdoor Concrete

As summer comes close, you will feel the heat waving at you, telling you it is time to prepare the swimming pool area. A pool deck resurfacing is the first thing you should consider.

There are more essential aspects of revamping the pool decks. So, read this blog to help you choose the best resurfacing options for the decks around the pool.

Pool of Options: Resurfacing Materials for the Pool Decks

Take a quick look at the common resurfacing options that most homeowners prefer.

  1. Spray Knockdown Texture
  2. Stamped Concrete
  3. Stained Concrete
  4. Paint
  5. Rubber Coating

Your concrete pool deck is the most common durable choice for both residential and commercial pools. You also got paint as the most convenient, and other innovative materials developed over time.

Now let’s talk about each to dive deeper.

Spray Knockdown Texture

The first thing you want to ensure when creating the decks is its slip resistance. Decorative concrete is the number one choice material that meets their particular requirement.

Spray knockdown pool deck resurfacing cost is the most efficient, also, you can conveniently access a locally known supplier. Once the concrete base slab is installed, you can finish it with a cool finish texture and a modern knockdown texture.

The spray texture uses an acrylic-epoxy coating and is installed using a spray gun. As the coating is sprayed, it would quickly cure due to the epoxy compound. That way, the coating becomes solid on the surface in just a few minutes or seconds even.

The result? A distinct texture that also adds a subtle look of modern-classic. It also gives the surface a cooling effect that makes the concrete repel heat absorption. This way, anyone who was barefoot on the decks would not burn their naked soles.

Spray knockdown texture pool deck

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Another great variant of outdoor decorative concrete is stamped concrete. You can install it as the main application, or if you’re planning to change the pool deck finish, a stamped overlay is your best option.

Stamping concrete pool decks is convenient since you can reuse any existing slabs, and it saves you from digging out chunks of old concrete floors in your outdoor spaces.

Once the overlay or fresh concrete is poured, the installer would take a rubber mat and press it down the poured concrete.

Stained Concrete Pool Decks

Is it advisable to stain the pool surfaces? Several residential pool owners are choosing stained concrete as their pool deck resurfacing option.

Once the pigments stain the decks, an acrylic coating is advisable and highly recommended to finish the application. The acrylic coating is important to protect the slabs from damaging elements.

Multicolored stamped concrete pool deck


The last option for your concrete pool decks is paint. The good thing about color is that it is convenient to use. However, this is not advisable for heavy-traffic surfaces because it would fade and acquire many flaws in a short period, requiring you to repaint over and over again.

Using paint is suitable if you need to reseal and recolor the surface every time. However, if you want a cost-efficient solution, you need to choose stamped or staining to make the outcome last for a long time.

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