Things to Consider Before Starting a Pool Deck Resurfacing Project

Any pool that is worth its salt should have an excellent concrete pool deck to complement it. Building one with a strong and established concept is a great place to start. Over time, this pool deck is bound to need maintenance, and a resurfacing project becomes inevitable as they come.  

Before starting your pool deck resurfacing project, there are several factors and scenarios to consider; that is why having a solid plan in place is crucial. Regardless if you plan to work on this project by yourself or with the help of your trusted decorative concrete contractor, sufficient preparation is encouraged nonetheless. It also helps a great deal if you have a detailed guide to follow, as this ensures the success of your project with long-lasting results to boot. 

Here are important things you should consider before proceeding with your concrete resurfacing plan:

Wants and Needs 

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Homeowners tend to opt for designs based on what is trending or as suggested by other people. The decision should be made by you entirely, based on what you truly want. Make a list of all the things you want to see in your concrete pool deck in the most detailed way possible. From the color, pattern, up to the material that you are going to use, specify them in detail.  You can also make comparisons between materials and check color swatches too. Take advantage of the internet by researching resurfacing options for concrete pool decks to broaden your knowledge about the topic to make an informed decision about it. 


This includes every single element in your pool area. Every single one of these elements must be aligned with each other to make the pool area look harmonious. It will help if you conceptualize an overall theme so that once you have decided on the design, the next thing to bear in mind is to select other elements within the same concept. For instance, if you went for a particular palette, use only colors within that color theme. 


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Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that everything in your concept is suited for outdoor use. This applies to your pool deck resurfacing project too. You need to ensure that the materials you will use are durable enough to withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions. The furniture that you will be using should be those that dry easily, so it will help a great deal if you make sure they are designed for use outdoors. 


When choosing a concept, our options are sometimes restricted by what is new, conventional, or popular. This stereotypical way need not be applied when it comes to resurfacing your concrete pool decks. In case you are not informed, you are allowed to go out of your comfort zone. While others tend to stick to the “safe tones” of brown, gray, or white, a burst of color certainly wouldn’t hurt. Go ahead, think out of the box. Do not be afraid to explore. You may also enlist the help of design experts if you look to tread the world of unique options. 

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