Cool Decking Tips for the Novice

Over time due to heavy use and traffic, a cool decking would require repairs. A crack on the surface would still happen considerably. There are natural causes to it, such as ground movement.

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So, if it is your first time to have a concrete deck repair or considering a pool upgrade into a textured pool decking, read today’s post. All your cool deck repair facts and tips are ahead!

Can the cool deck be repaired?

You can re-apply paint or install cool deck finishing to your concrete pool deck as a way to upgrade its look. If the cooling decks begin to wear out and begin to show damages, there are plenty of repair ideas for you to do it.

  • Cool deck crack repair
  • Pressure wash 
  • Cool deck cleaning
  • Cool deck repaint
  • Resurfacing

Cool Deck Crack

Here’s what to do to repair cracks on a pool deck.    

Clean the surface of your pool deck with a garden hose. Use the ones with a power nozzle that gives you the desired amount of water pressure. The pressurized water helps to remove dirt and loosen up the cement materials. 

Next, soak the surface with the damage in plain water. While the concrete surface is getting prepared, prepare your acid wash solution on the side. Ensure to wear protective rubber gloves, eye protectors such as goggles, face masks, and protective clothing while preparing an acid-based solution.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Here’s how cleaning regularly helps reduce damage.

Any functional surface needs regular cleaning. It does not have to be a complex task. 

Your simple mop or sweeper will suffice as your tools. You must maintain a regular cleaning schedule to make sure the decks around the pool are always ready for use, especially if you have a commercial swimming pool.

Spills from food and drinks may stain the pool decking. And mineral deposits will build upon the surface over time. These are the things you must anticipate. Even if you got a cool deck with a textured finish and added layer of coating would eventually acquire dirt and chemical residue from the pool water. 

Pressure Washing

Las Vegas pool deck remodelingNext, after you conduct and maintain a routine for cleaning, a pressure wash is also necessary for a major deep clean. When you feel that your pool’s aesthetic is becoming too familiar and undesirable, maybe what you need to do is to get it cleaned. And this means cleaning thoroughly.

Sometimes, you worry too much when things do not appear how you prefer them to be like your pool deckings. And especially if you got the surfacing enhanced with a cooling deck system, it will be too worrying for you how to maintain its features. Before thinking of doing too much, you will need a pressure wash to remove the filthy layers of soiled debris and stains that coated the surface.


Pressure wash involves using pressurized water coming out of a specialized water hose. The water that comes out forces the dirt to peel off from the concrete pool deck.

How much does a cool decking repair cost?

Transforming your cool decking will cost you around $5 to $10 per square foot. It takes pretty much the same process as a typical pool deck resurfacing. A total average cool deck repair cost will be $2677 for a basic to a moderately complicated swimming pool.

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